The precast frame without collar beams of KUB-2.5 structural system can be used for construction of all types of urban structures in different climate conditions: residential and administrative buildings, buildings of social, cultural and household purpose, multistory garages/parkings, warehouses, some industrial buildings (12 m span).

All reinforced concrete structures of the system allows to design (to erect) the buildings upto the 1st degree of fire resistance thus they can be used for construction of buildings of different height: cottages, low-rise and high-rise (upto 75 m) houses.

Minimal number of vertical frame elements and absence of collar beams allow creating open space layouts of premises of of different purpose within the limits of bearing and cladding structures. Partitions amy be located in any place of the architectural layout, design and constructions and during exploitation of the building. The system allows to replan premises layout in accordance with current requirement which might appear during exploitation of the building. And this does not violate structural stability of the building (offices, shops, sport, health and household complexes can be set up in the first floors of the building).

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The bearing frame of a building consists of internal elements only (columns, floor slabs and, if required, ties and shear walls,). Almost any façade solution can be used as a building envelope: light heat-saving stone (including brickwork), various hinged panels, ventilated facades, stained glass structures, etc.

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KUB-systems allows to shift the slabs cantilevered ends out of grids of the edge columns (1.5 m) and shape the outer edge of the slab of almost any form. The system has unlimited opportunities for exterior design which satisfy very selective requirements and have limits within the architectures’ fantasy, Client’s requests and standards’ requirement only.